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Covid-19 and General Hygiene Protocol



1. General Principles and Statement


1.1. During the operation, our business fully complies with the measures announced by the relevant public institutions / organizations and our restaurant.


1.2. Our Covid-19 protocol is regularly evaluated and updated regularly, taking into account the measures taken. These updates are followed up by the company officials.


1.3. Social distance measures are taken in our business. A social distance plan has been created regarding the general usage areas and the seating arrangement, and the guest capacity of our restaurant has been calculated in line with these plans. Although our restaurant does not accept guests above this capacity, the aforementioned capacity is specified at the entrance of our facility.


1.4. The existing kitchen cleaning and food safety protocol, pest and pest control protocols have been updated and reconstructed accordingly, considering the Covid-19 outbreak. The responsible authority supervises compliance with the protocol.


1.5. At the entrance of our restaurant, there is the "Covid-19 and General Hygiene Management Protocol" applied at the facility and must be followed, and necessary information is provided in line with the request of our guests.



2. Guest Admission


2.1. Contactless temperature measurement is applied to our guests at the entrance to the facility. For temperature measurements higher than 38 ° C, the guest is not taken into operation, and it is requested to apply to the health institution with a medical mask.


2.2. There is hand sanitizer approved by the Turkish Ministry of Health at the entrances of the facility and guests are allowed to enter after cleaning their hands with an antiseptic.


2.3. Guests without a mask are not allowed in. If guests do not have a mask, masks are kept to be given, and guests are requested to wear a mask every time they leave the table, except for eating and drinking.



3. Food and Beverage General Uses


3.1. All of our Food and Beverage area has been arranged in accordance with the social distance plan. There are social distance signs in 1.5 meters intervals in the areas where rows can occur in our restaurant (in front of washbasins, restaurant entrances, etc.).


3.2. Social distance and seating rules do not apply between guests who are from the same family (mother or father and children).


3.3. The distance between the tables where the food is served has been arranged so that the distance between the tables is 1.5 meters in all directions and 60 cm between the chairs next to each other. If table combinations are made for guests who come as a group, they are made so that the distance between other tables is kept 1.5 meters.


3.4. Only opposite seating should be provided at the tables. No chairs are placed next to the tables and no seating arrangement is created next to the table.


3.5. In mutual seating, cross-sitting arrangement is applied on tables with a table width of less than 70 cm or two tables are combined to increase the mutual seating distance.


3.6. All table layout rules apply to every table regardless of the table shape (square, rectangular or circle).


3.7. Bar tables where our staff and guests face directly are closed to use. If used, the distance between the staff and the guest will be at least 1.5 meters, and the personnel working in this department will wear medical masks and face protective visors. The masks are changed as they get moist, and the visor is periodically wiped with suitable products and disinfected.


3.8. All our guests are given single use 80 ° lemon cologne.


3.9. Our service personnel pay attention to the use of masks, to protect the distance rules during service and to avoid contact.


3.10. Dining tables and chairs, service materials are cleaned and disinfected properly after each guest use.


3.11. There are menus with QR codes to be displayed contactlessly on every table.


3.12 Products such as candy, napkin and menu are arranged as disposable products.


3.13. Service materials are made ready for use after cleaning and disinfection by putting them in suitable covers / boxes.


3.14. In the food and beverage service, all equipment is served after the guests are seated at the table.


3.15. As far as possible, if contactless payment is received and a contact POS device is used, cleaning and disinfection is provided by wiping the device with 70% alcohol after each use.


3.16. There is hand sanitizer approved by the Turkish Ministry of Health in general usage areas.



4. Staff


4.1. Regular health checks are carried out to our staff, periodic information is obtained from the staff in order to monitor the people they live with in terms of Covid-19.


4.2. All our personnel have been informed / trained about the Covid-19 outbreak and hygiene, and their training certificates have been added to their files.


4.3. Non-contact temperature measurement is made at the entrance of the personnel and hand sanitizer approved by the Turkish Ministry of Health is available.


4.4. Our staff is constantly monitored by providing personal protective equipment (such as medical mask, face protector) suitable for contact with guests and the environment at the workplace and hand antiseptic approved by the Turkish Ministry of Health.


4.5. All of our personnel have made it compulsory to use medical masks to cover the mouth and nose, and the masks are definitely changed as they get moist during the day.


4.6. Daily cleaning and hygiene of personnel clothes are provided.


4.7. Care is taken to employ as few personnel as possible in the same shift.


4.8. The dressing-shower-toilet and common eating, resting areas of our staff are arranged in accordance with social distance conditions, arrangements such as landmarks, strips, barriers are made, and these areas are cleaned and disinfected regularly in accordance with the rules.


4.9. Rules for minimizing the contact of people who are temporarily accepted to the facility due to supply of goods or other reasons (repair, maintenance, etc.) are determined and their implementation is monitored. In addition, it is ensured that these people perform their transactions by protecting the social distance rule and using protective equipment.


4.10. In the event that disease symptoms are detected in our staff, a medical mask is worn and applied to the nearest health institution.



5. Kitchen, Cooking and Service Areas


5.1. It is ensured that food safety and kitchen hygiene practices are carried out in accordance with the relevant legislation and regulations.


5.2. There are tools and equipment for hygiene barriers, sterilization devices and hand hygiene in the food production area and in the raw material and product shipment and in the kitchen area.


5.3. Unemployed personnel are not allowed to enter the kitchen and cooking areas.


5.4. All foods are stored in closed cabinets or covered.


5.5. Foods prepared with unprocessed foodstuffs are kept separate from each other in the kitchen to prevent cross contamination. In addition, no foodstuffs are brought into contact with the floor.


5.6. Cleaning and hygiene of the kitchen and related areas, all kinds of hardware and equipment used in the kitchen, counter and storage areas are regularly provided. Surfaces that come into frequent contact with hands are regularly wiped with our “Nazar Cleaning” branded products approved by the Turkish Ministry of Health.


5.7. Service items (plates, forks, spoons, knives, glasses) are washed only in the dishwasher with our "Pally" branded products.


5.8. Our kitchen staff use work clothes and personal protective equipment while working and wash their hands regularly.


5.9. Visual / written information about the rules and good hygiene practices of our staff is provided in the kitchen.



6. Washbasins and Toilets


6.1. Toilet door handles are frequently cleaned with suitable cleaning / disinfecting products.


6.2. Floors of toilets, toilet bowls, urinals, sinks, faucets and tap heads, door handles are frequently cleaned and disinfected with appropriate cleaning / disinfecting products.


6.3. Liquid soap, toilet paper and paper towels are always kept.


6.4. Cleaning personnel use personal protective equipment (gloves and masks), they are thrown into the workplace garbage used after the procedure, hand cleaning and hygiene is provided for at least 20 seconds with soap and water.


6.5. Disposable paper towels are used.



7. General Cleaning and Maintenance


7.1. Cleaning of all areas is carried out at appropriate frequency, using products that comply with the standards according to the nature of the surface, and these applications are inspected by the authorities.


7.2. Surfaces with intense hand contact such as door handles, handrails, electrical switches, menus, table tops, salt and pepper shakers throughout the facility are frequently cleaned with water and cleaning products, and 70% of surfaces such as pos device, telephone, computer keyboard damaged by chlorine compounds. It is cleaned using alcohol-based products.


7.3. Periodic maintenance of the ventilation and air conditioning system, tools, equipment, materials and equipment such as dishwashers and the sterilization of the necessary ones are provided.


7.4. All of the indoor spaces available in the facility are frequently opened for natural ventilation by opening doors and windows.

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