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Florya Kebab Houses and Restaurant


The story of Uludağ Meat Restaurant , which has been serving in Florya for years and has many regulars, dates back to quite old times… Burhan Uludağ, originally from Bursa's famous Cumalıkızık village, opened its first restaurant in Ankara Denizciler Caddesi in 1956. Uludağ, which started its journey as a small restaurant with four tables, continues on its way in 1985 in Florya, Istanbul, with a special view where green and blue embrace, right next to Atatürk Mansion and by the sea. Today, Burhan Bey's son Gökhan Uludağ is at the head of the processing, and the hospitality he inherited from his father makes his guests live among the kebab restaurants and restaurants in Florya.

Burhan Uludağ

Uludağ Meat Restaurant appeals to a wide range of customers with its 800-person capacity indoor dining hall, 1200-capacity Florya beach view garden among the greenery, and a 400-person cafeteria.


It is certain that Uludağ has a well-deserved reputation for grilled meat, doner and tandoori! Especially " Uludağ Kebab " is one of the tastes that should be tasted.


Extremely crispy pitas laid on the bottom of the serving plate, fried in butter, spread on the last part, fried in butter, delicious meat doner on top, fragrant
It is served with an insatiable special butter and a thick yoghurt. Therefore, a feast on a single plate emerges ...


The soft tandoor cooked for long hours is also a good option for those who want to taste the meat. Children especially love Uludağ meatballs.
There are many options with olive oil to whet your appetite before eating. Single-person puff puff balloon pitas are also a surprise to Uludağ's guests.


Although Uludağ is assertive about meat, I would definitely recommend you to taste the "Kunefe" ​​when you have gone this far. The oil, the consistency of the syrup,
With the flavor and cooking time of the cheese inside, everything is so good that even someone like me who finds künefe a little heavy can finish the whole portion alone.


Did you sip your Turkish coffee cooked in the sand pit after dinner; don't touch your pleasure ...

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